Skull Squad

Skull Squad is a Genesis collection of 444 West Side Gangsters Skulls From Hell.

A Skull is more than an NFT, it is your status and a future utility asset as well as an access pass to some of the biggest events in this space. We’ve brought fashion with it too, over 110 differentiable characteristics, each one is unique and stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Skull Squad - West Side Gangsters From Hell.

Roadmap To The West Side

The Squad will make its way into the NFT space; establishing one of the best art and ensuring the long-term success of the project together with many possibilities for the holders and believers of the project.

As we focus on organizations and music events, this brings endless opportunities for the Squad to network together and conquer the space.

We aim to build a true community enthusiast about the future of the project and its integration with Web 3.0 technology we have ensured that this journey will be fun - that is why we have many exciting things planned such as our own DIGITAL COMICS & 2D CARTOON SHOWS.

As a collection originated from the Island of Osseous we tend to bring the same place in the Metaverse. This not only brings a whole new era in The Sandbox, it brings a whole new culture to explore and learn which serves as a new platform for future events and organizations with the community.

We are not walking alone on this Journey! Owning a Skull will soon be categorized as an access pass on some of the most exclusive events we have planned for the future. Our team is focused on working with large fashion brands, music bands and other NFT projects in the near future, this brings an excellent value to the Squad and allows us to reach targets faster than what was intended.

As a benefit & gift from our team, we will allow all the holders to have the ability to mutate their Skulls. Why is this beneficial to the holders? A new collection exclusive to loyal holders is projected to reach spectacular targets due to the commitment of the community on the actual utility of the project on the long run rather than a quick flip.

As a project oriented on the community, we will be developing our own smart-chain ecosystem to support other future projects build in our ecosystem. This of course will lead to our own trading currency $BONE which will provide the ability to trade at a faster and more efficient way.

The Skull Squad Story

West Side Gangsters From Hell.

Skull Squad are the toughest gangsters from hell. Think brutal LA street-gang The Crips meets the Corpse Bride.

Skull Squad are the toughest OGs on the block, oh and they are really hard to kill…because they are already dead.

Thirty years ago they were cursed when they stole some ancient Inca gold off some Mexican drug smugglers and ever since they have become the living dead.

They can only come out at night, and they now prey on rival gangsters, who are then doomed to join the Skull Squad after they are killed.

They are pretty tough hombres, only a silver sword can kill them, and only then when their head is cut clean from their shoulders. To be honest that is just a rumor because no one has got close enough to try that one out for real.

They are a tight knit unit and will kill anyone who stands in their way, and they are all focused on the same goal, to return all the gold to Mexico and lift the curse.

There is just one small problem, it needs to be taken back to an ancient temple that is now inhabited by vampires.

So there is just 1,000 miles to go and 1,000 blood sucking demons in their way. But if anyone can do it, the Skull Squad can.

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Skull Crew

We are a well-developed team united with one mission, to revolutionize the art in NFT space.

We have over 15 years of experience in various industries such as fashion design, entertainment, finance and more...

Our marketing team has worked with multiple million-dollar companies.

Luke Theobald - LSTVisuals

Art Director & Strategy Expert


Project Lead


Community Lead & Marketing Expert


Creative Lead & Advisor


Discord Community Moderator